Prebiotic +

Turns any beverage into a gut-nourishing supplement for a healthy belly.*

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Innovative design

Our work is never done. Being environmentally responsible requires constant evolution. Through rigorous testing, we know our aluminum pouches are the best plastic-free solution to preserve our discs from degrading and to maintain their effectiveness through their shelf-life. Although this component is not fully recyclable, the carton container is earth-approved, 100-percent recyclable (no plastic stickers either!), and we are working toward total home compostable packaging in the near future.

How it works

Sourcing the good stuff 🌱

We went on the hunt for the purest ingredients to create a truly special gut health formula.*

Prebiotic + is comprised of unique ingredients - like hand-picked berries from the Alaskan tundra and pomegranate extracts from California orchards. And we didn't do that just because it sounds fancy. We put real science behind Prebiotic + and the result is a prebiotic supplement unlike anything else out there. Because of the proprietary ingredients, Prebiotic + does not cause gas or bloating, and it goes to work in hours, not days.* Toss it in your bag and take it at the gym, or put it in your briefcase and take it at the office. Being able to take it anywhere makes Prebiotic + easy to take along good gut health wherever you go.*

Ingredient spotlight

Here are the superstar ingredients that make Prebiotic + special:


A breakthrough prebiotic ingredient that supports good gut bacteria within hours of taking it, without the need for fiber, carbs, or starch-based ingredients that can cause excess bloating and gas.*


A decaffeinated, green tea phytosome that contains antioxidants and nutrients that promote an optimized microbiome and assist with regulating metabolism.*


Pomegranate extract sustainably sourced from California orchards. The extract contains unique micronutrients that promote a normal inflammatory response throughout the gut and suppress the growth of specific bacteria.*


A proprietary complex from a berry species hand-picked in Alaskan rain forests and tundra. Ten times more effective than other berry species. Micronutrients in the AuroraBlue complex promotes balanced blood sugar levels and helps maintain healthy weight.*

Here are some Q’s for dat A. 🍑 🤔

What is a prebiotic? Is it the same as a probiotic?
Although they are similar, and they both support good gut health,* there are key differences. Probiotics are the active, live, desirable bacteria and yeast found in certain foods and supplements. Prebiotics, the "food" for these good gut bacteria, are different types of fiber, mostly derived from plants, that your body doesn't break down but your gut bacteria love to eat!
Is a minimum amount of liquid needed to dissolve the disc?
Although an Effusio disc will dissolve in almost any amount of liquid, we recommend 8 fluid ounces.
Is Effusio Prebiotic + vegan and/or vegetarian?
It is. No raw materials of animal or human origin are used to make this product.